They helped keep the Cold War cool...
On Saturday, March 18th many of our friends including USMLM member Thomas Antonio Favia attended a wreath laying ceremony for two of our fallen comrades, USMLM Officer Major Arthur “Nick” Nicholson and FMLM Officer Philippe Mariotti near Schwerin (Ludwigslust) Germany.
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12:57am Jan 15

To the USMLM Family: I am organizing a wreath laying ceremony in Ludwigslust at the memorial site for our fallen Comrade LTC "Nick" Nicholson on the weekend of 21 thru 23 March 2014. This will be supported by members of the Reservist Camaraderie Ottweiler in Saarland and Hagenau near Ludwigslust to include an Active Duty German BN of Meckleburg-Vorpommern. Most likely there will be representatives of the Ludwigslust City Council also attending. The plan is to conduct the wreath laying ceremony on the Sunday Morning followed by a moment of silence at the approximate location of the tragic event on the former grounds of the soviet sub-cal tank range. Please pass the word around, also to British and French MLM brothers and sisters who may want to attend. Just get with me for updates and additional info.

Thomas Favia